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What are the Monthly Events of the Lisbon Boardgamers?
They are meetings that take place every third Friday of each month and the following Saturday, with the objective of socialize while playing board games. The atmosphere is relaxed because winning is something that is always remitted to the background.

Where does it take place and at what time?
The event location is at Instituto Superior Técnico - Pavilhão de Civil (check or the Facebook event for more info on the specific classrooms). At Friday the meeting goes from 6pm to 1am. At Saturday the meeting goes from 3pm to 2am. Between those hours you can show up whenever you want, even if only in one of the days.

Who is it for?
The meeting is of a public nature, so anyone who wants to play is always welcome. Knowing the game rules in advance is not a requirement because there will be always someone available to explain them quickly.

Do I have to register somewhere or RSVP? Do I have to pay any participation fee?
It is not necessary to make any type of registration, presence confirmation or payment; just show up and you'll play!

What games do you play?
All kinds of board games: some more simple and fun, others more complex and strategic, all of them with the most varied themes. You can see here what we have been playing lately. One thing is for sure: the entertainment is assured because it won't be difficult for you to find games that are suitable to your tastes, with every meeting being a new opportunity to try new games.

But the games are from whom?
The games available are brought voluntarily by some of the participants. You may also bring games that you want to play... maybe that one that you still haven't tried, for sure there will be persons willing to explain and play it with you.