Giant Games

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The Lisbon Boardgamers Group bets on the creation of giant-sized replicas of board games in order to be used at our events as an attractive, fun and unusual way to play some of the best games. Who can resist playing with cards and pawns bigger than your hand?



In 2009 it was produced the first giant-size replica, more precisely of the well known game Jenga that premiered in LisboaCon 2009. The blocks are made of wood, just like in the original game. . One of the replicas created in 2010 was the game Blokus. With a board of 2 x 2 meters and hand painted pieces made of wood, this version was highlighted in a TV report about the event LisboaCon 2010.



Another premiere at LisboaCon 2010 was the giant-sized replica of Hive (including the expansions Mosquito and Ladybug) with its hexagonal pieces made of wood and with a size bigger than one hand. . This was one of the three games that premiered at LisboaCon 2011. The vynil board has 2 x 0,85 meters and a bas-relief for an easy sliding of the tiki pieces. The cards have the A5 format and the hand painted pawns are made of wood.



Another premiere at LisboaCon 2011: in this version of A La Carte, some of the kitchen tools are real sized, others are even bigger! Aprons and chef hats are included so that the players may inspire themselves. One Crêpe-Suzette please! . The giant-sized game of Ribbit (or Schildkrötenrennen in its german original edition) was also premiered at LisboaCon 2011. In this replica the vynil board has 2 x 0,85 meters and the cards have the A5 format.